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Architectural handle, 1x400kg monitored magnet, 400mm

Ref: F051914000004

Pull handles are becoming increasingly popular with sites that require strong holding forces or more aesthetic solutions. The entire range from CDVI is ideal for locations where a stronger lock is essential; such as schools, halls of residence and other public buildings. The PBO400RN40 is a 400mm handle incorporating 1x400kg monitored magnets. It can be fitted to new or existing doors and can be used externally. It offers a greater holding force, increasing the security and strentgh of the locking solution.

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Caratteristiche principali

  • Surface mountRetrofit or new buildEasy and quick installationAesthetic profileSuitable for wood, metal & glass doors


  • Specifiche elettriche

    • Tensione Min. (V)
    • Tensione AC/DC
  • Certificazioni

    • Classificazione IP