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Flat surface infrared photocell, 8m range, battery powered

Ref: F1100000006

This battery-powered infrared photocell is ideal for protecting the active zone on automatic swing/sliding doors and gates. By triggering the moving unit to automatically stop if a person or obstacle is detected in the zone, injuries and accidental damage can be prevented. This model has a 8m range between the transmitter producing the infrared beam, and the receiver picking it up at the other end. If the beam is interrupted, the desired action (such as halting machinery) is triggered.

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Caratteristiche principali

  • Active infrared photocell
  • Ideal for protecting active machinery zones such as automatic doors
  • Trigger immediate stoppage of machinery when a person is detected
  • Flat models for discreet mounting
  • Up to 8m range between beam transmitter and receiver
  • Battery-powered for installations where wiring is tricky


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